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De Lapp Portfolio

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De Lapp Portfolio: Files

Council for Exceptional Children: Blog

Trauma-Informed Practices

J. De Lapp

Webinar: J. De Lapp, Presenter

What Every Educator Should Know about Trauma

What Every Educator Needs to Know about Trauma 

Full Recorded Presentation

Infusing Teacher Preparation Programs with Trauma-Informed Lenses

Important Info

Infusing Trauma Informed Practices into Teacher Preparation Programs

Bolstering our Teacher Preparation Practices

Infusing Trauma-Sensitive Lenses into Teacher Preparation Programs

Article by J. De Lapp in CCTE Research Monograph, p. 13

Personal Growth for Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices

Council for Exceptional Children Blog

Self-Care Strategies for Educators Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices

Council for Exceptional Children Blog

CACEC January Webinar:

Utilizing Restorative Justice Practice

Example: Addressing the Failure to Meet a Classroom Expectation

Infusing Teaching Programs with Trauma-Sensitive Lenses

CACEC Webinar: January 19, 2023

Equity Centered Trauma-Sensitive Interventions to Prevent Disproportionate Identification and Overrepresentation of Marginalized Populations in Special Education

De Lapp, J. E.

Overcoming Bias in Special Education Assessment

De Lapp, J. E. 

Special Education Program Evaluation and Action Plan

De Lapp, J. E. 

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